Kapio Cloud is a next-gen, digital construction project managment platform that reduces risk, increases productivity and supports BIM, Big Data and AI.

Kapio Cloud is the site-to-office reporting solution tha helps construction companies stay competitive and keep more profits.

The BIM-compatible, cloud-based solution was created to increase transparency, reduce disputes and drive down costs.

Project managers need multilingual, real-time, site-to-office, data reporting that can accept any data set – BIM, robotic scans, blueprints – all available in the cloud and ready for analysis using dynamic dashboards.

Kapio Cloud does that, and more. All this for €1.99 per day.

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Here’s a 3 minute video on how Kapio Cloud’s platform helps construction teams to connect, report, collaborate and manage local and international engineering projects…in real time.

Save time and money with Kapio’s searchable, cloud-based platform

Companies, which do not utilize a digital document control system, burn time and money on finding vital documents inside a paper or other file archive. With Kapio Cloud you save time which in turn is money.

Create and view bespoke reports to  share, analyse and collaborate

Easily create a report that can compile almost any variable you need to measure your key performance. Information is gathered up through the supply chain to increase data accuracy; input repetition is avoided.

All the information is stored as raw data, in the cloud, for compiling summary report with ease. No need to scan and upload PDF forms, excel spreadsheets etc. Attachments, such as photos, video, plans etc can be added to reports, using drag and drop.

Use dashboards for performance indicator overviews

Get customisable dashboards included in your core subscription. See real-time progress across your project portfolio in a snapshot view whether its H&S, costs or document approvals.

€1.99 per day, per user. Unlimited projects.

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90-day risk free trial.

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