Benoit Cauwe

Benoit has more than 20 years of successful experience in developing and maintaining applications in both blue chip and SMEs. He also has extensive experience defining the system architecture for high availability IT solutions.

He gained his Master’s degree in Commercial Engineer in Management Informatics – from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. Benoit has been able to understand many different industries and translate their very specific requirements into working IT-solutions.

Benoit’s career took off at a large development and consultancy company (AMS, now CGI) at which he developed and helped maintain a complete customer care and billing system for mobile telecom operators in the second half of the nineties. During this period, Benoit also took up a Development Team Leader role at the main Belgian mobile telecom operator.

Benoit moved on to help the third largest mobile telecom operator in Belgium start up in a very competitive market. Building a Wholesale billing solution for this operator allowed this provider to accept “mobile virtual network operators” (MVNO) on its brand-new network.

He also worked on different projects in the Banking industry (KBC, BNY Mellon) and performed a massive database migration (over a billion records) at the first mobile operator to help them migrate all their invoices and payments from a custom-made solution towards SAP-RMCA.

Benoit has also set up the complete IT architecture for multiple smaller customers.

Benoit is taking the lead over the current development team in Denmark and is also supervising the development of the mobile application. He assists in translating the business requirements into a technical solutions that can subsequently be implemented by the development team.

Currently, Benoit is based in the US and travels to Denmark every 4-6 weeks. Day-to-day communication is via video call.

Next to native French and Dutch (Flemish), he also speaks English and has a basic written and spoken understanding of German and Spanish.