Briand Beausoleil

Trained as a graphic designer, Briand began in US-based financial services marketing followed by senior marketing roles in the UK, including a board role at CACI, a leading market analysis consultancy. The arrival of the dotcom craze saw him leap into web-based payment solutions which was followed by stints launching mobile payment, mobile apps and Fintech platforms.  

Briand is also a serial business developer with a background in startups and new business ventures in the UK. A successful entrepreneur, he founded companies in active travel, alternative payments, mobile assets and food service sectors, both in the US and UK. 

In the 90’s US, he co-founded a company that converted Kodak drop-off kiosks into coffee drive-thrus, before expanding into manufacturing, managing and licensing multi-state retail operations in the western United States.  

In 2000, he cofounded Splashplastic, an online alternative payment service, which was subsequently sold to Accor Industries. This was followed by successful launch and operation of an active travel company and an online mobile apps platform.

He currently providing marketing consultancy services for a number of UK clients and has been consulting with Kapio Cloud since January 2018.