Briand Beausoleil

Briand had marketing roles in US-based bank holding and financial services companies before branching off to start a company that manufactured, managed and licensed multi-state beverage operations in the western United States.

Landing a position with the UK’s leading market analysis company, he directed marketing efforts for their four divisions and was on the board. During his tenure, the company saw its highest turnover in company history.

With the arrival of the dotcom craze in 1999, he recognised the value of digital data in financial services and co-founded the UK’s first alternative payment platform, 360Money.

Acting as CMO, he managed the company’s marketing efforts, which culminated in a successful exit.

This was followed by high visibility roles in developing online platforms in mobile apps, mobile payments and the Fintech and EdTech sector.

He began providing marketing consultancy services to Optimise International in early 2018 and was asked to join the board as Head of Marketing in early 2019.

A keen cyclist and traveller, he’s most comfortable on two wheels.