Kasper Lorenzen

Kasper has real ‘boots on the ground’ experience in the construction sector. Trained as a draftsman, he has degrees in Structural Engineering and Construction Management.

His own frustrations as Site Engineer, and stints as Site and Construction Manager drove him to begin development of the Kapio Cloud software platform.

Kasper has worked with global foundation specialist TREVI, where he taught himself Italian, was promoted quickly and became the youngest Construction Manager in the region.

As a specialist sub-contractor for an International JV, the tight deadlines brought significant administrative burdens. This convinced Kasper that efficiency gains could be had from a more effective use of IT.

Headhunted by Italian foundations specialist, ICOP as Area Manager, he implemented multiple systems where data analysis was undertaken with greater precision, resulting in increased profitability.

Offered a lucrative position at one of Denmark’s largest construction companies, Kasper declined the offer to form Optimise International, with a goal to develop a disruptive platform for the construction and engineering sector.

Kasper is a keen skier and has recently started rock-climbing.