Philip Wright

Phil is a European construction professional with over 20 years of international experience throughout Europe and Asia. Importantly, this has been gained in both the Contracting and Client side capacity. Equally vital, is he has worked on major civil infrastructure, industrial process and building projects.

Phil has lived and worked in Poland, Switzerland, Macau and Denmark. He holds a B.Eng in civil engineering and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Civil Engineering Surveyors.

Phil is currently advising on high profile capital investment and construction projects in Europe and Asia. He is currently part of a senior team representing a reputable client in a European adjudication process.

Throughout his career, Phil has become very aware of the negative implications of poor process and data management. He has felt, for sometime, there is an opportunity to embrace modern technology to increase the quality and financial results of a project.

Having been involved in major disputes, Phil was looking at ways beyond the traditional contract management approaches to dispute resolution. He has felt for some time there was an opportunity to focus on I.T. and data processing as a way of mitigating risk exposure to all involved in the execution of major projects.

As a result, Phil assisted the Kapio team in its initial development, later becoming a shareholder of the business. He understands and supports the current industry changes in relation to the requirements of BIM. He will continue to provide the Kapio team with the relevant composition between the civil engineering world and the development of the software.

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