Dashboards.  Customised in seconds.  Fit for your project.

Finally. Dashboards that do more than just display standard progress.

Every project you work on will have a bespoke set of issues.  You need a simple but powerful tool. One that lets you monitor progress in real-time. And you need it to adapt as your risk profile evolves.

Here it is.

Easily build your own dashboard

Decide what datasets you want to easily review and analyse, visually.

Add any variable...by date

Summarize data by time frames of your choosing – day, week, month and year.

Compare projects

Compare similar data sets on different projects or sites. Spot  bottlenecks. Increase production.

Compare actual progress

Track real-time progress and compare time, quality, quantity and cost vs plan.

Learn more about Kapio Cloud’s Dashboard features in this short introduction video.

No need to wait for weekly site reports or monthly project reports.  Chart progress by day, week, month and year.

Each project team can view a unique set of dashboards, specific to their KPI’s and contract deliverables.

Combines data from your portfolio of custom reports and avoids repetitive tasking by using the same data in multiple ways.

Update dashboard views as your project develops and newer, higher priority issues demand your focus.

Switch dashboard views live, during meetings, to focus on specific topics of concern.

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Reduce bottlenecks, increase transparency

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