Document Control

The document control module includes a powerful, searchable and secure repository for all your projects’ documentation, including all popular file types –  drawings, images and video – making Kapio Cloud ideal for 4D BIM.

Set up your document control repository for your project in less than 30 minutes using these three easy steps…

1 - Create your project and add stakeholders

Add key personnel and invite consultants, contractors or companies to the project.

Users invited to the project can add, report, share and collaborate up and down the project supply chain. User rights are managed by project administrators and can be easily changed at any time.

2 - Create Categories

Set up the categories and metadata for  documents that you want to manage – drawings, financial docs, graphics, images or videos.

The project owner can set up categories and metadata to be used by all stakeholders on the project.


3 - Set Up Workflows

Automated workflows streamline the process of issuing, reviewing and approving your documents.

Everything is tracked within a revision history and is easy for you to refer back to using the searchable database.

Document Management

Files can be accessed online in the cloud by your project team, from anywhere and at any time.  User rights can be granted or withdrawn by your admin users in seconds, to ensure the distribution of files remains under strict control.

Digital Workflows

As a project user, the automated workflow feature streamlines the process of issuing, reviewing and approving your documents.

Workflows track file revision history as well as review process logs, including individual comments and timestamps.

Revision History & Audit Trail

This​ feature provides a ​complete file revision history across all your submissions. Your latest document revision takes priority while previous revisions can be downloaded at any time.

In addition, package and file logs will display ​complete and clear picture of all revisions, when they were made and for what reason.


Document Control is available in 20 different languages, ideal for international projects and joint ventures.

Available languages: English, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

BIM Management

Connect teams in a CDE for seamless communication between teams

Synchronised Data

Securely share and manage documents and contract deliverables with transparency across all project stakeholders

Bids & Tenders

Maintain cost reporting processes and keep all bids in chronological order for easy retrieval, with full revision history and transparent audit trail.

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