A construction project can easily generate 25,000 reports. Finding a report in a paper archive is like finding a needle in a haystack.

PDF’s have replaced paper as the preferred reporting medium. Why is it such a bad idea to rely on paper or PDF’s for sharing data across a construction project?

Five reasons why you should avoid using paper or pdf for reporting  

  1. Raw data often needs to be interpolated into tabular format, a process that increases the chances of human error.
  2. Data needs to be extracted manually, yet another process and more potential for human error.
  3. Data is not in a meaningful real-time format. It’s not AI friendly and requires processing to establish trend information, which is not immediately apparent.
  4. Data silos containing PDF’s are fine for finding titles but require other systems to push and pull PDFs to and from the silos. In addition, the data needs to be read and computed in another format. This is time consuming and inefficient.
  5. Errors in initial data entry are difficult to detect. The process relies on human intervention and is not a healthy combination of human and machine.

Holding back efficiency

Philip Wright, Contracts Consultant at Optimise International,  believes the reliance on paper or PDF-based reporting in the construction industry is holding back efficiencies and profit margins.

This is not a progressive format for profitable outcomes that can be meaningfully used effectively, say in disputes or analysing data, he says.


What options are available for construction companies and clients?

Get a cloud-based central reporting system which is subscription-based.

Kapio Cloud is a real-time, multilingual, integrated, BIM-compliant, Common Data Environment (CDE) for the storage of all your project drawings and other files. Files can be shared in the cloud with your project team throughout the entire life-cycle of the construction project.

It is:

  • A digitally aware owner’s reporting system for the entire construction supply chain
  • Flexible and easy to integrate with existing software
  • Created out of the construction industry’s need
  • A subscription-based service with no contract terms
  • A complete system that costs €1.99 per user per day.

For more information call +45 7875 0100 or contact Kapio Cloud for a demo at sales@kapio.cloud


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Further information

Contracts Consultant Philip Wright, Optimise International, tel. ++48 694 520 339, pgw@optimise-international.comContracts Consultant Philip Wright, Optimise International, tel. ++48 694 520 339, pgw@optimise-international.com



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