There is no need to reinvent the wheel for the construction industry when it comes to digitization. Other industries are far ahead, not least the sports industry. As the FIFA World Cup in Russia is approaching, we’ve investigated what the construction industry could learn from football.

Top football clubs and national teams have invested heavily in data aggregation during recent years. During the FIFA World Cup 2014 Germany, according to CIO Insight was the only national team to use a specially built database to measure and analyse individual and team performance and strategies – they won.

Infographics showing statistics on the England Football Team's performance during qualification matches.

Imagine you had similar real-time data in the construction industry, of your supplier’s or your own performance. Graphics: Team England

The 2018 World Cup is going to be different

“Even if this is an area where information is very restricted, I’m convinced most of the teams will be using data this time. Germany had come a long way in 2014, but what they did was to gather all it-students in Cologne and encourage them to analyse all data. Data alone doesn’t make it, it’s the analyses,” says Frans Hammer, Chief Analyst at Danish KMD, delivering data to leading Danish sports clubs, including football, as well as the national Danish football team, participating in the World Cup in Russia.

Football uses big data to win

To illustrate the development, a special issue this autumn of the journal “Machine Learning” will be dedicated to football. These topics can give you an idea of where the industry is right now:

  • Predicting the outcome of matches and tournaments
  • Predicting the performance of players and teams
  • Aiding the design, planning and selection of strategies, tactics and teams
  • Developing and improving the performance of players and teams;
  • Evaluating and profiling young talented players (scouting);
  • Improving the development of young players and integration of new players;
  • Analysing complex data from players and matches;
  • Designing training programs that help avoid injuries and improve recovery
  • Predicting the outcome of future matches.

Imagine you had similar real-time data in the construction industry, of your supplier’s or your own performance.

How can the construction industry be inspired?

  1. Start aggregating raw digital data In today’s construction industry, raw digital data is an unexplored resource that can help the bottom line. A recent McKinsey report estimated on-site productivity in the construction industry could be increased by as much as 50% by using a cloud-based reporting platform.New digital reporting platforms such as Kapio Cloud allow construction managers to rapidly assemble accurate data in near real-time; data that is both backward-looking and predictive.
  2. Detect serious problems as they happen On-line tracking will immediately tell you if something goes wrong
  3. Prevent errors and accidents Just as important in the construction industry as in football. footballers train repeatedly to avoid errors and accidents. How often do you train your staff
  4. Use machine learning to predict your performance Football coaches and betting companies use data from the past to optimize their performance. Similarly, with data from the past you can use machine learning to predict your performance in the future; example, for bidding
  5. Invest in IT and analytical capacity. Develop IT talent and analytical capabilities. Change internal processes and culture.

Use Kapio to aggregate your raw digital data

Kapio has developed an integrated, BIM-compliant, Common Data Environment (CDE) for the storage of all your project drawings and other files. Files can be shared in the cloud with your project team throughout the entire life-cycle of your construction.

  • Multilingual interface
  • Flexible and easy to integrate with existing software
  • Created out of the E&C industry’s need
  • SaaS service
  • Starting at €1.99 per user per day.

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