Have you ever given a contract to a company who was not capable of performing properly? Using your past tendering data helps with company selection.

The data driven approach to managing contractors - shown upon a background of binary data

Do you wonder why some contractors don’t meet your time schedules and budget? You’ve probably had experience with certain companies that are substandard performers, but how do you manage contractors that perform well in some cases but badly in others?

Philip Wright, Contracts Consultant at Optimise International explains how clients can meet this challenge by analysing their tendering data.

If a client had all the tendering information available electronically, he would be able to analyse the data and conclude as follows:

I’m not going to give the project to Contractor A even though he is going to be the cheapest. I’ll give it to Contractor B, because our data is telling me that whenever Contractor A receives a turnover he cannot cope with, the quality will suffer which will eventually cost me more.


Least digitized sector

Enormous amounts of data are generated in the construction industry and much of it is never used, partly because this data is in the form of paper, pdf, email or proprietary IT systems.

Worse, this data isn’t connected in a shared electronic platform, but boxed as physical documents and stored offsite, usually in a warehouse.

According to McKinsey & Company, the construction industry is among the least digitized sectors in the world. In Europe, construction is in the last position on McKinsey’s digitization index; whilst in the United States, it comes second to last.


Save money by storing in a cloud-based control tower

McKinsey states that on-site productivity can be increased by as much as 50 % by implementing a cloud-based control tower that rapidly assembles accurate data in near real time, that can be both backward looking and predictive.

Wright goes on to say

Most clients I’ve dealt with don’t use the full potential of the data collected during the execution of their projects. In fact, many don’t know there are new reporting platforms available where electronic storing and analysis of data improve productivity and raise their profit margin.

Kapio has developed an integrated, BIM-compliant, Common Data Environment (CDE) for the storage of all your tendering data and other project data. In this way the client can use past tendering data to assist with company selection.

For more information call +45 7875 0100 or contact Kapio.Cloud for a demo at sales@kapio.cloud.


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Contracts Consultant Philip Wright, Optimise International, tel. ++48 694 520 339, pgw@optimise-international.comContracts Consultant Philip Wright, Optimise International, tel. ++48 694 520 339, pgw@optimise-international.com





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