Digitise your entire construction project…

Use Kapio Cloud to digitise your standardised specification deliverables during the entire life of the construction project.

Once your reports are in digital format, you can analyse, project and share this information across all contract stakeholders. In addition, digitising reports accelerates the payments process and increases transparency, which is critical when reporting changes and modifications.

Create Custom Templates

Create bespoke report templates to use on multiple construction sites or multiple activities.

You can choose between different section types and attributes to fit your designed purpose.

Real-time reporting from site to office

Get reports compiled on site and see the results across the project management team, all in real-time.

Use the multi-language reporting feature to reduce misunderstanding and increase productivity.

Create Workflows

You can finalize your report templates with custom workflows, as well as assign yourself or other project stakeholders the ability to create reports using these same templates.


Transparency & Audit Trail

You can access all report logs to give you full transparency and a complete audit trail.

This feature provides a time-stamped, life​-cycle report, ​from draft all the way to approved final documents, while ​capturing all comments from project stakeholders in between.

Digital approvals in seconds

Automated workflows allow the use of the powerful digital approval functionality.

Approve or reject in seconds and add comments and requests for further information.

Use e-signatures and time/date stamps to automatically benefit from workflow transparency.

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