Inputting inaccurate information, using multiple iterations from various sources in the supply chain, then shared and re-reported, is a recipe for confusion and increased cost.

With a digital cloud-based document control system in place, documents and data are updated in real-time on any device so there’s no need to discuss which version is the approved version of a document.  This increases efficiencies while reducing costs and time.

Infographic showing how you can move from disorder and chaos into structure and order enabling you to find approved version of documents within seconds

By introducing document control, you can save up to 25 % of costs, according to British Standard.

More data and faster turnaround

The construction industry is going through a massive change. New technologies are heralding an exciting digital transformation as new technologies are brought online like automated equipment and drones.

However, while more data is being created, digital systems need to be able to manage this increased data flow, in particular document control. In the paper-based age, managing documents was treated differently, as can be seen by this excerpt:

When paper dominated the construction industry, the role of managing all the paper fell to the person in charge of document control. They had very precise processes and methodologies to manage documents and took pride in their work. As paper has migrated to digital, the responsibility for document control has shifted as well–often to a new employee–and is no longer viewed as high-value work among project teams. (Construction Executive 2015)

Today, the demand for immediate access to information, from any location, is never ending, which puts pressure on current processes to deliver faster turnaround of versions of drawings and text documents. Storing and sharing documents in multiple data silos adds to confusion and costs. The British Standard Institute states:

Information that is inaccurate, incomplete and ambiguous, can result in additional capital delivery costs of 20-25%.

Save time and money

With a digital document control system in place, finding the approved version of a document takes seconds rather than minutes or hours, says Kasper Lorenzen, Operations Director at Optimise International:

When documents are stored and approved in cloud-based document control system, construction teams save time and effort as time spent searching for the newest version and discussions about which version is the correct one disappear. In addition setting up the approval flow is a lot easier.

In this manner you save time and money.

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