Infographics showing how you can save your data from construction projects in the cloud


McKinsey estimates that on-site productivity in the construction industry can be increased by as much as 50% by implementing a cloud-based control tower that rapidly assembles accurate data in near real time that is both retrospective and predictive.

What to look for when selecting a data reporting platform

  1. Security – does it have encryption?
  2. Is it BIM and GDPR compliant?
  3. Does the platform  allow for specification tolerances, so that any outlier will be highlighted as potentially non-compliant?
  4. Is it easy to set up for project management?
  5. How easy is it to use and enter data for all users?
  6. Is it device ready to upload data from site to office? (mobile, tablet, laptop)
  7. Can the system be used off-line?
  8. How easy is it to use data to convey key project summaries and establish trends, particularly against other digital project data?
  9. Does the software allow for easy data entry from one system to another (Excel, Word, PDF, etc)?
  10. Does the software offer multi-lingual reporting, allowing staff members to work in their preferred language, to minimize confusion and maximise global collaboration?

Usability should be in the centre of your decision

Philip Wright, Contracts Consultant at Optimise International, recommends that high priority be given to usability and the potential for significant upfront costs when selecting your data reporting platform.

“I have seen some construction companies struggle to persevere with platforms, often citing poor usability as an issue.   To make matters worse, the platform normally comes with a significant upfront licence fee.  Needless to say, they do not feel the benefit of such systems and the value to them is not clear.”

If considering a construction project management platform that does all of the above, contact Kapio Cloud at +45 7875 0100 for a demo today.

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