Welcome to Kapio Cloud’s first interview in a series where we ask different construction professionals about their needs and expectations of the coming digital transformation in construction.

Over a cup of coffee, we had the opportunity to speak with Alessandra Venieris, contract manager at BAM Denmark, a large European main contractor.

Q- What are your ideal requirements for a digital reporting system?

It would be nice if you could combine the software we are currently using to handle non-compliance issues with the one we use for construction scheduling. On the one hand, it might become overwhelming. But having all data in one place, in a manageable form, that would be very useful.

Q- What do you mean by manageable?

The system should be easy to follow and intuitive, rather than overwhelm the on-site user with a non-intuitive tool. The system should provide a graphical overview – a time schedule, showing progress versus planned, so that people can get a feeling of how they are doing.

Q- So it should be easy to get from 10,000 data points to a graph showing tendencies and trends?

It would be optimal to have one single software tool to follow up on progress time-wise and at the same time generate and follow up non-compliance items of the work itself. So, in that way you get a complete view of what the future should be and have everyone on board, given all that information is presented in an easy-to-follow, intuitive way.

The most important point about having this intuitive tool is to get the subcontractors to join the tool from day one.

Q-  As a main contractor, would you require your subcontractors to use your reporting system?

Yes. They should use the system to watch the progress of the project, as it takes shape. Therefore, the system needs to be very graphical and include benchmarks.

Q- In terms of language: What would you need?

On the Danish market, I think you would be all right having only Danish and English. As a Dutch company, English is useful.  

Q- Have you worked on international projects?

Yes, at the Copenhagen Metro “Cityringen”, we had, I think 22 nationalities involved. You might not need 22 languages, but you would need at least English, Danish, Polish, Portuguese and perhaps Italian, as most of the people spoke these languages. English will always be a must.


Contract Manager Alessandra Venieris, BAM Denmark

Alessandra Venieris is a contract manager (former site manager) at BAM Denmark, part of the worldwide BAM Company with headquarters in the Netherlands. They act as main contractors. BAM Denmark is focused on schools and office buildings, mainly in Denmark. Venieris deals with tendering. In her everyday work, she handles a number of different it systems including calculating, design and other software tools to handle scheduling and non-compliance issues.

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